Amenities Level: Your Backyard

Our spacious 7th floor doubles as your own, utterly unique "backyard." The entire 23,000-square-foot level is dedicated to providing you with a host of amenities and activities, the likes of which can be found only at Centerpoint.

Centerpoint Condominiums is one of the first developments to adopt an "amenities first" approach – rather than "real estate first".  Centerpoint is much more than just a place to sleep at night.  It’s a place to experience all that life offers.

Consider having access to your own, commercial-quality movie theater, a world-class fitness center or a state-of-the-art commercial demonstration kitchen designed to offer you truly gourmet fare.

Other amenities include a swimming pool with an integrated hot tub and a sand beach entry, a cabana bar, a soothing spa and lavishly appointed men's and women's locker rooms ... and everything illuminated by sweeping views of the city. It's an extraordinary "backyard" by any measure, and a prime example of the rich, service and amenities-driven mode of living that we call "".

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