Mill District: Your Playground

Tempe’s Mill District is hardwired to become one of the most distinctive urban environments in North America.

With its historically rich heritage, to the current infusion of youthful energy of Arizona State University (ASU), the Mill District offers local residents and visitors from around the world a vibrant and eclectic scene. It represents the confluence of world-class entertainment, boutique shopping and dining, and unique recreational amenities, creating an exciting and stimulating environment.

Centrally located in the twelfth largest US metropolitan area, with the highest job concentration in the Valley that includes knowledge economy leaders such as Google and ASU, state-of-the-art transportation, and immediate access to an international airport and major freeways, Tempe’s Mill District is distinguished by its vital infrastructure serving economic and quality-of-life interests, thereby becoming the aspiration for a 21st century defined urban experience.

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