Light Rail

The 20-mile METRO starter line will open for passenger service in December 2008. During peak times, a train will stop at a station every ten minutes. At night and on weekends, trains will stop every 20 to 30 minutes. Trains are expected to run between 18 and 20 hours per day. Rail fares will be the same fare as the local bus fare, which at the outset is expected to be $1.25 per trip. In August 2007 Valley Metro will eliminate transfers on buses and will offer one-trip passes, or 3-day, 7-day or monthly passes that are good for all local buses or for rail (when it becomes available).

Planned Mill District area stops include:

  • Priest Drive / Washington
  • Center Parkway/Washington
  • Mill Avenue / Third Street
  • Veterans Way / College Avenue
  • University Drive / Rural Road
  • Dorsey Lane / Apache Boulevard

The entire route of the METRO line:

  • Begin at 19th and Montebello, just south Bethany Home Rd.
  • South to Camelback Rd.
  • East on Camelback to Central Avenue
  • At 1st Ave, southbound trains travel on 1st Ave … northbound trains travel on
    Central Ave
  • East and westbound on Jefferson and Washington
  • Washington continues eastbound to Tempe Town Lake bridge in order to cross
    the lake
  • East on Third St. along the abandoned railroad track line to Sun Devil
    Stadium/College Drive
  • South to University, then southeast on Terrace Road
  • East on Apache Blvd until it turns into Main Street in Mesa
  • East on Main Street, ending at Sycamore just east of Dobson.

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