The PūrVine Approach

Students can begin bottling their masterpiece 15 to 26 months after their wine’s initial fermentation begins. A barrel of the Ultra-Premium Napa Cabernet Sauvignon will yield 24 cases, on average. There is no standardized recipe for making wine, but there is a formula for doing so. It’s critical to begin with a quantity of the highest-quality grapes available—such as vineyard-designated, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon—and then to purchase some of the best barrels money can buy, Seguin Moreau, for example. Vintners then marry age-old winemaking techniques with some of the most sophisticated winemaking equipment available today. The goal is to create wines that possess great depth of flavor and balance and display true varietal character. Another key goal is to create wines that can be accessed as early as possible and yet still retain the ability to age and gain complexity for many years to come. When all of these factors have been sufficiently addressed, the results often yield what can truly be called “ultra-premium” wines.

PūrVine Benefits
Whether you are passionate about wine, interested in meeting professionals who share your own interests or simply a “cultural explorer,” PūrVine is a “must enroll” endeavor.

Consider the following summary of benefits:

  • Learn the art of winemaking and produce your very own selection of truly world-class wines.
  • Choose your own style and type of wine that you wish to produce.
  • Imprint PūrVine labels with your own name.
  • Attend exclusive wine-tastings and seminars conducted by recognized winemakers.
  • Attend special food and wine events conducted by celebrity chefs.
  • Reserve the PūrVine facility for your own private functions and networking events.
  • Participate in custom tours of wine regions both near and far.
  • Access rare and hard-to-find wines for your own collection.
  • For more information, visit the PūrVine website.
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