Mastering the Art of Wine

PūrVine operates in a simple and straightforward manner. Each PūrVine winemaking student who enrolls in the process will be allotted a barreled quantity of wine that has been sourced from high-end Napa- and/or Sonoma-grown vineyards. The students are then invited to participate in the entire cycle of winemaking, culminating in bottling and labeling their own personal vintages. Among the many benefits of participation, students enjoy exclusive access to premium grapes, the use of first-class winemaking facilities as well as one-on-one guidance and education from renowned winemakers. PūrVine’s premises are atmospheric and state-of-the-art, with ample room for all aspects of winemaking, including the fascinating barreling and aging processes. Students may participate in any and all stages of the winemaking cycle: from fermentation to barreling down, and, finally, to the bottling and labeling of their very own world-class wine.

In the process, they are also invited to participate in and enjoy a wealth of wine- and culinary-related activities and events with friends and fellow students. They will be invited to attend dedicated wine education sessions, to enjoy winemaker dinners created by celebrity chefs and to join exclusive tours to vineyard regions both near and far. These events are designed to bring the PūrVine students together in unique settings to discuss wine, compare notes and socialize. The PūrVine facility’s oak-barrel-lined premises will be the setting for many of these events, creating the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the camaraderie that comes from sharing in this time-honored experience.

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